About Jana

The Official Story

Jana Jane Hexter is the author of Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secrets which is based on interviews with experts who have collectively raised $1.7 billion and written 24,000 proposals with 400 years of experience.

Jana Jane Hexter is owner of Grants Champion has helped hundreds of people raise millions of dollars for programs that make a difference. She has written well over 150 successful proposals and raised over $40 million for her grant writing clients — school districts, higher education institutions, and human service agencies throughout the U.S..

She is a gifted intuitive and medium offering access to eternal wisdom through The Jana Channel.

Jana Jane is a captivating teacher. She co-taught one of the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s all-time most highly subscribed webinars. She also taught grant writing at New York University’s George H. Heyman Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. She has spoken at the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) and Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) National Conferences. Her “Presentation on Presentation” at the National GPA conference was given the highest ranking by conference attendees.

She served on the National Board of the GPA and is a former chapter board member of the AFP Finger Lakes. Jana Jane also served as a Subject Matter Expert for the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI) to develop the Grant Professionals Certificate exam. In addition, she has served on peer review panels for New York State and the United States Department of Education. Before starting her consulting business, she worked for seven years at Cornell University as a grants administrator and grant writer.

She was born and raised in Nottingham, England. After moving to the United States, she earned her BA cum Laude in Government/Slavic and East European Studies from Cornell University and conducted research in Eastern Europe as a Ford Foundation Clusters Scholar. She lives in Ithaca, NY with her children, black lab, and a plethora of wonderful friends.

Jana’s Unofficial Story

Collaborating with like-minded souls to create a more beautiful world started early. Here’s a picture of me at age 10 when a couple of friends and I organized a tag sale for charity. That’s me, grinning on the left (and that’s  my mum is on the far right holding one of the neighborhood kids).

My life’s commitment is that the feminine is freely and powerfully expressed in the world and all life is honored as sacred. That means that men are free to express their feminine qualities, women and girls are honored and respected, and attributes that we consider feminine such as beauty, intuition, nature, emotion etc are valued. Our long-term viability on this planet is at stake and I believe that rebalancing our relationship to nature and the feminine is a path to unity and peace.

I have trained for years in circlework with the Institute for Circlework. Circlework is the conscious use of circle gatherings to create a field of love so powerful that participants experience their unity and interconnectedness in life-changing ways. I have developed communication and personal growth skills through years of training with Landmark Education.

In addition to writing, I also have a natural gift in piercing the veil to access eternal wisdom. I offer guidance sessions for powerful women and social innovators who are at a crossroads in life. I use these gifts to weave together the physical and eternal worlds when I am designing grant writing classes or offering individual sessions to clients. It is all in service of peace and healing for individuals, groups, communities and our planet.

And, just for fun, here are nine random facts about me:

  • I had horses growing up starting at the age of 11 with a hellion pony that my parents sold after they got tired of seeing him run past the house, riderless, on the way back to the barn. I moved on to a fat cob and then a beautiful grey show jumper – both of whom were the best therapists I’ve ever had.
  • I lived in Denmark and Norway in my late teens, working as an au pair in Copenhagen and waitress in a pizza restaurant in Bergen.
  • I was the President of my high school debate team and thoroughly enjoyed the competition – a skill that’s served me well in grant writing.
  • I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon twice, the second time I stayed down for a week with my teenage son, his friend and his mother. A truly mesmerizing and bonding experience.
  • I have a penchant for dark chocolate. I have a few squares of it every day after lunch. And I have living proof that dogs can consume large amounts of chocolate – my lab will swipe any bar that I inadvertently leave on my desk.
  • I have a 40 foot labyrinth in my garden installed by the President of the World Labyrinth Society (which happens to be located in my home town).
  • I love to travel. I’ve lived in Poland and traveled in Eastern Europe soon after the Iron Curtain fell. My son and I recently hiked into the Rain Forest in Costa Rica where we crossed a crocodile infested river.
  • Despite being an ultra extrovert and love teaching in front of a big crowd, I’m really uncomfortable in large social gatherings. See me at a conference or cocktail party and I’ll be mulling around in the back feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing.
  • I support charitable organizations that work for women’s empowerment by sponsoring a girl’s education in Africa through AGE Africa and a women’s group in Nepal through Educate the Children and making loans to women through Kiva. Please consider joining me.