Our Approach

Soon after taking your workshop, I co-wrote a proposal and we received a two-year $100,000 grant to build teen clubs in our home town. The workshop was a great investment. — Shari, New York

Photo: Gift of Jack Leishman

Grant writing is time-consuming. And you can sink weeks of your life into the process and be left exhausted and unsuccessful to boot. I don’t want that for you.

Our approach to grant development works because it rests in the belief that we are whole people living in an interconnected world. The resources that you need to raise funds and sustain your organization come from weaving together the wisdom of both the mind and the heart, the masculine and feminine, practical world and the eternal.

All other grant writing training programs give you what your head needs to know to win – the technique. But you can know how to do something without actually being able to put it into action. For example, we all know that diet and exercise are the pathways to weight loss, but knowing that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can implement the knowledge. To truly succeed, we must attend to our inner state and nurture our entire being.

Our field is a burn-out zone because we deal with two of society’s biggest stressors – time and money.

I believe that to thrive over the long-term you need to take a more holistic approach that gives you the power to manifest what is important to you without blocks. GrantsChampion honors the gifts of the feminine: beauty, creativity, receptivity, intuition, spaciousness, nature, and embodied wisdom as much as we revere the masculine: guided action and courage. Our approach nurtures both and leaves you full, open, and at ease in the work.

After taking the class, I believe that anything is possible in grant writing

Kathy Jett

I used to feel overwhelmed and stuck when it came to grant writing. Jana shares her passion for grant development and that has a ripple effect going forth into anyone who is willing and open to receive. The workshop has solid content and yet is also full of air/space for one’s own input. It is a really nice balance. Jana meets you where YOU are at with empathy / compassion and is open to follow-up communication. After taking the class, I believe that anything is possible in grant writing.

The Outer Game: Tools, Skills, Techniques

Photo: Gift of Jack Leishman

I believe that you know what needs to be done. You’ve studied the issue or seen the same problems year after year or just know deep at your core what is true. You’ve been in the field long enough to have excellent ideas and creative approaches to tackle tough issues.

The Grants Champion process will challenge you to truly define the root causes of the problems that you see and create solutions that you know will work – not that will simply sound good to a funder. When you clearly and sincerely articulate your vision and plan, funders will respond.

Dreaming, planning and learning are all well and good but without action they are fruitless. I’ll help you put your ideas into solid action.

I’ll share with you everything that I’ve learned from decades of experience and interviewing 25 top grant writers who have collectively raised $1.7 billion. You don’t have to know someone who knows someone to win funding. But, you do need to understand how the system works and I’ll explain it to you. I will show the strategies that work, tools to use, and approaches to take.

I know that you want to win grant funding and need support to get there. Together we can make a difference. My commitment to your empowerment and our collective global transformation shines through in everything I do.

As a result of taking this course, I have actually started writing my first big grant proposal!

Beth Bannister

The workshop includes a lot of great information and her clear communication style made it easy to understand the topic. Jana is great at incorporating day-to-day examples. I learned that it’s not that complicated and that the work is doable. As a result of taking this course, I have actually started writing my first big grant proposal!

The Inner Game: Love

As Shakespeare wrote “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I agree. I believe that success lies in a much deeper understanding of the grant process including the spiritual dimensions of our work.

Photo: Gift of Jack Leishman

And none of us has reached adulthood without some wounding around competition, rejection, assessment, grading, being perfect – all of which are deeply embedded in the grant writing process. These things can get triggered when we do grant writing and left untouched can stop us from enjoying the work or being successful.

We start with the assumption that you are a powerful creator committed to the world and work from there. Our healing approach nurtures your heart and soul to kindle or rekindle your deepest passion and clear blocks to you fully sharing your gifts in the world with freedom and joy.

Our heart-centered approach ensures that when you’re slammed up against a deadline (or several) you can feel the depths of love and support to help you through those frantic moments. You will see that you can approach the grant writing process with a sense of ease, peace and fun so that you can continue to make a difference for years to come.

I’m left with more energy .. and feel more confident about bringing the creative soul into the whole process.

Nancy Potter

I’ve longed for a way to better manage the complexities of the grant development process. Jana is gifted at calming weary bodies, minds, and hearts, and affirms our bone deep longings for our work and our world. This workshop is practical, empowering, and visionary. I’m left with more energy for the work and the art of grant development and feel more confident about bringing the creative soul into the whole process. With this workshop you’ll discover how your passion and your expertise can be a compelling story for funders.

You can win grant funding and have a fulfilling balanced life at the same time.

Photo: Gift of Jack Leishman

If you want to deepen your heart and freely express all parts of yourself with joy in your work I welcome you to Grants Champion. Available in the depths of your being are resources and connections to wisdom, strength, love, and generosity that will help your organization or program grow and provide you with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction. Grants Champion can help you on this journey.

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