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Recently, someone asked me to review a couple of their grants that were almost, but not quite, funded. I took a look and sure enough they were well-written but there were a few tweaks that could really help them stand above the crowd. The first one being….space. Read More→

In order to become a certified grant professional, people have to demonstrate my competency in 8 areas as defined by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute.  These eight competencies are critical to the work we do. Five GPC’s have written a series of short articles about the competencies to coincide with weekly grantchats on each one on twitter. The links to the articles are below:

1: Effective Grant Applications by Diane Leonard

2: Program & Project Design & Development – Jo Miller

3: Funding Resources  – Diane Leonard

4: Organization Development – Jo Miller

5: Ethical Practices – Heather Strombaugh

6: Grant Management – Jana Hexter

7: Cultivate & Maintain Relationships – Mark Whitacre

8: Raise the Level of Professionalism – Heather Strombaugh Read More→

I often get asked about grants for businesses and for-profit ventures. It’s not in area that I have ventured into so when I met Micki Vandeloo and she told me this is her area of expertize, I asked her to write an article for you. If you’re a social entrepreneur or corporation, take a look and see if there might be opportunities for your organization to explore. Here’s Micki’s article…I hope it’s helpful to you. Read More→