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Interview with Jana about her book Grant Writing Revealed

Learn the Secrets Behind Successful Grant Proposals Live Chat

Interview with Jana about Heart-Centered grant writing recorded with Phil Johncock in 2010.

Please enjoy these articles written by Jana Jane Hexter

Figuring out how much to ask for

Asking how much to ask for is the $64,000 question – or sometimes a 6 million dollar question.

If you’ve asked program officers I’m sure that you’ve received the same non-committal answer as me “Just ask for what you need.” Well, that’s not much help is it?

What a Foundation’s giving pattern reveals

If you are in grant research mode you are probably spending countless hours in front of a database plowing through foundation records. The amount of information can be overwhelming so I thought I’d share three questions that I ask myself when I assess a foundation’s giving pattern.

Got Collaboration?

Most proposals say that they involve collaboration and yet we know that many don’t. If you’ve got the real deal, here’s 14 ways to show that you’ve got collaboration in your proposal.

How to Write a Grant Proposal from Start to Finish

20 page narrative to write in three weeks…. blank page…. eek. Never fear. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even a way that is satisfying, rewarding, and dare I say it, not intimidating.

What to do when the passion for grant writing is elusive

So, what can we do to recharge and refuel our enthusiasm? Here are few suggestions.

Approaching National Foundations

How to write 1-2 page Letters of Interest (LOI) to foundations that give grants across the nation.

Overcoming the Perfectidemon Within

How to overcome the idemon.

Has your favorite funding program been PARTed?

Program Assessment Rating Tool developed by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to measure agencies’ progress towards their GPRA goals.

What is GPRA and why should I care?

If you have any doubts about what GPRA is and why it matters to you, please read on

To Match or not to Match That is the Question

An inquiry into the world of matching funds.

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