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I want you to have the skills and capacities that you need to win grant funding for projects that matter to you. You have the passion and commitment to take action. And, you have the knowledge and experience to know what needs to be done. Couple that with our grant writing expertise and we have a winning combination – commitment, knowledge and action can create a more beautiful world.

We know that there are a lot of grant training programs out there, some are great and some are not. Because this is just a website, we can’t chit chat and see if we have a common outlook on life. So, we want to send our articles to share what we know with you.

Worried about junk in your inbox you aren’t going to read?

I totally get it. I always aim to write articles that are worth my time in writing and your time in reading. Below is a comment from people who’ve received the articles.

I must say, your emails are great – soul-full and personally inspiring. It seems there are many places to learn how to do grants better, but few places to witness/experience/ponder the thought-provoking, internal processes that are at work inside us as grant writers and as people – and that’s what your messages provide me with. Your emails are treasures I keep for future reference!

Tracey Martin, NY

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  • How to get national funders to pay attention to local programs;
  • What are GPRA and PART and why should I care?
  • How to find out whether an RFP will be reissued;
  • Deciding whether data are current and relevant for proposals;
  • How persistent should I be when submitting an application – or when should I give up?
  • Online applications – are other people finding them frustrating?
  • How to keep on track with all the paperwork post award;
  • Politics and the grant process;
  • The best way to get real, critical feedback as to why you did not get funded.

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