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Do you ever wish you had:

A girlfriend grant writer with tons of expertise and who is safe to talk with and could answer those questions that you’re a bit afraid of asking in public?

An encouraging boss who really wants you to thrive and can point you in the right direction with love and support when you’re stuck?

An empowered and spiritual woman whose lives life from her heart who you could to turn to with all kinds of questions about how to manage colleagues, career & kids, juggling the heavy workload, making space for yourself, and the meaning of it all?

A GPC grant developer with 20 year’s experience and the respect and friendship of her colleagues who would drop her knowledge right into your head?

An optimistic peer who always seems to be on the leading edge of social innovation and is currently immersed in the development of gift culture to talk about where we’re headed and what’s possible?

Welcome! You’ve landed in exactly the right place!

I deeply care about empowering people who are committed to birthing a thriving and sustainable world raise grant money. I know that in this competitive environment people don’t always share themselves generously. That’s why I’ve created Ask Jana.

Have a grant questions you want answered?

I understand how overwhelming grant work is and how draining the competitive environment can be. I want to provide you with solid information and heart-felt advice that you can rely on to empower you to create a beautiful community and world.

If you have a grants, career, or plain old human question, send it off in the box below, and each week I will select questions and post answers in the form of a bi-weekly Ask Jana video blog and written blogs on my website.

Answers on my website are not meant to be nor do they substitute for legal or financial advice, but to support and supplement the information you are gathering.

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Jana~ your insights into spiritual development/intuitive insight with grants & project development are right on… the integration of Energy Work and Project/Organizational development (which includes grants too) is something I’ve been doing for nearly 30 years, tending to keep it to myself, mostly; but of course, the kinds of people who are drawn to implementing and funding service grants/projects tend to also be people with some spiritual insights, so it has not always been secret… however only in the last 2 years have I felt such a compulsion to go public- outlining the processes/not-so-linear steps clients follow to find their success. Am still developing content for website and book, so lagging behind your inspiration. Wishing you continued and outrageous success!

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