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This week’s article is short and to the point.

Top grant writer, John White, said this when I asked him about researching foundations.

Time spent on research is never wasted. I suppose you could reach a stage where research doesn’t lead anywhere in the short term but if you keep good records and don’t waste research then you won’t waste time down the line. When you think ‘Who was that organization that I thought might have a fit for this purpose,’ and you have decent records you can turn it up and make that contact again.

Your record keeping system doesn’t have to be complicated but should be something that works for you. I use a customized excel database called GrantView that has plenty of space for notes together with paper files. Some people use more sophisticated individual donor contact management software but it’s not necessary if you are just focusing on grants.

August is a slow month for many of us so it’s a great time to carve out a few hours to start, or update, your research on foundation prospects.

Enjoy the dog days of August…more juicy articles to come in September.

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