We are dedicated to providing the highest quality training that leaves you with tangible, practical skills that you can use to win grants. Our enthusiasm and expertise shine through in each and every class. Take a look at what our clients have to say about our classes.

Suzanne Schlough

I took the GrantsChampion workshop several years ago and it was my first formal introduction to grants. Since then, I have been successful in securing 18 grants, helping to make up for critical funding losses in our program. Without learning how to write these grants, and gaining the confidence to pursue them, the program might not be here today.

The workshop was relaxed, fun, social, and focused on real grants we were pursuing. It was a very honest workshop. I discovered that grant-writing can be like a puzzle with many pieces we already have. We just need to find the right way of connecting those pieces so they make up the whole picture.

I got a grant for after-school programming, almost identical to the proposal I wrote last fall in your class.  It was funded for $20,000 for a May 15-Sept 30 time period. And now, I just got another for $100,000 for three years. The grant is federally funded. Your workshop is incredibly practical. — Angela, New York
Your class was a great investment of time and money. I found the time very well spent, learned a lot and feel that the manual is a fine resource.”  — Karen, New York
Soon after taking your workshop, I co-wrote a proposal and we received a two-year $100,000 grant to build teen clubs in our home town. The workshop was a great investment. — Shari, New York

Amy Dawson

Jana Jane Hexter is an excellent teacher. She has terrific teaching skills, including the ability to adapt her approach to the domain experience of her class attendees. She is able to clearly explain very complicated subject material, making her training a true learning experience for everyone. I highly recommend her course.

Our first grant proposal was not only approved but recognized by the funders as being well-written.

Dr. Marie Constant

We would not have been able to do it without Jana Hexter’s coaching. I would recommend her training to anybody who is interested in getting a good grasp of the art of grant writing. It involves much more than the process of accurately writing a proposal, it’s essentially defining a vision and using the necessary tools to make it happen!

Jana was absolutely the best presenter on federal proposal writing that I have ever heard! I had never had a training on advanced grant writing. All are always for beginners. This was a great use of my day. — Ritika, Ohio

Jana Jane’s presentation is perfect for the grantwriter who has some experience under his belt and wishes to move to the next level. Her information and discussion is so up to date participants will gain an accurate understanding of the immediate trends and challenges, which is one thing that sets her presentation apart from the others.

Without over generalizing, she delivers information, anecdotes, and tips in an amazingly straightforward, concise and easy to understand manner.
Her years in the trenches show in the broad and deep understanding she displays of grant writing processes, yet she imbues her class with a unique enthusiasm for her craft and a positive attitude toward the work of grant seekers and grant makers alike. I’m in an arena glutted with tired, overly simplistic trainings. She stands out as a gem.” — Deborah, Ohio

Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

Since taking this course, I have helped secure more than $625,000 in grants!
Before I attended your workshop, I used to ‘wing it’ when it came to writing grant applications. Now I know some strategies that have helped me organize my time better and, thankfully, keep my sanity. The best part of all: since taking this course, I have helped secure more than $625,000 in grants!

From the introduction on day one, I felt confident in Jana Jane Hexter’s command of the subject and knew I would learn a great deal from her grant-writing workshop.  It provided the opportunity for me to review the grant-writing process, look closely at each step, and consider different approaches to grant-writing depending on the source of funding.  She taught about the finer details of grant-writing from both the writer’s and grant reviewer’s perspectives.  The course materials and resources provided have been particularly helpful, even several months after the workshop.  I would recommend this course to beginning grant-writers, as well as to experienced grant-writers who want to sharpen their skills.  My time and money were well-spent.” — Jackie, New York
“This was a great workshop for someone with years of experience – most workshops/seminars give only the basics.” — Trish, Ohio
”I came to Grants Champion with no prior grant writing experience. This clear, well-documented, hands-on workshop equipped me with all the tools I needed to be a successful grant writer. I am now the member of a grant writing team received full funding for our very first grant proposal. We credit Grants Champion as a major factor in our success.” — Joan, New York
“Jana did an excellent job in bringing the complicated process of grant writing to a level that was understandable and gave me a sense of confidence in my grant writing.” — Elaine, New York

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