Grant Coaching – Ask Me Anything Sessions

Let’s face it, grant writing is like most things in life that are life-giving and fulfilling – along the way it can be daunting, challenging, and plain hard work. I’ve been through the highs and lows, jubilation and defeat, confusion and clarity, and sheer joy. I’m really happy to help and support you in what you’re up to and hope that some of the scars and the wisdom that’s come from them might create some short cuts for you right now.

I’m at the stage in my career where it truly gives me pleasure to share what I’ve learned with others.

I normally charge $300 per hour for 1:1 coaching – and I know that is a lot for individuals so I’ve created the Ask Me Anything Sessions.

As it says, you can Ask Me Anything – such as:

  • Grant writing questions you’re just a bit too embarrassed to ask at a GPA or AFP meeting
  • Questions about your grant writing career and which way is the best direction for you right now
  • Suggestions on work/life balance and keep sane despite the constant deadlines
  • How to do grant consulting successfully
  • How to bring your heart and soul fully into your work

I’m offering up 4-8 one-on-one sessions for $100 each, each month.


I was beyond impressed with Jana’s intuitive and intellectual abilities… we created an amazingly simple and doable action plan that I could implement right away…our time on the phone together left me feeling great about my future career plans.

“I felt a connection happen immediately when I talked with Jana on the phone. She listened to me chatter away for a bit and then asked me questions that prompted me to pause and to think. Questions that gently nudged me away from my indecisive state of mind to a more centered and assured sense of being. As we spoke, a confidence arose inside me about what I was capable of and how I could achieve a success that was based on my personal set of skills and values. 

We spent the last part of the session creating an amazingly simple and doable action plan that I could implement right away. Jana’s ideas and suggestions were brilliant and perfectly suited to my situation.

I was beyond impressed with Jana’s intuitive and intellectual abilities. She quickly understood me and what made me tick and what would work best to get me on the right path. Our time on the phone together left me feeling great about my future career plans. I hung up, did a little dance around the room and shouted out a few Woohoos! ”

Patrick J. McGinn, Phoenix, Arizona

What’s the catch? Well, I love being outdoors and I work from home. So, you can ask me anything you want and I’ll give you my best advice – and I may be walking my dog or pulling weeds or sitting on my porch swing, tidying my house while I do so.

This means it must be a conversation that won’t tie me to a computer for the entire hour – like a grant review. I don’t mind taking a look at something for a short time but not the whole time. I’m happy to jot down notes and thoughts and links that I’ll email you later but its not designed for heavy duty editing and you may hear the door open and closing, or tinkling of water as I rinse my bathroom sink.

My goal is that you can get free of places where you’re stuck and I’m free to enjoy some fresh air or a clean house. The sessions are designed to give you clarity and confidence so that you can move powerfully into action with a sense of grace and ease – and I can walk my dog or tidy the house – its a win-win. I’m a die-hard liberal and I’m truly committed to the development and creation of a gentler, more compassionate world. And if I can stand behind you and empower you to do that it will be an hour well spent.

I’ve been a successful grant consultant for over a decade and so I’m happy to share what I know with you about that. Or, you may have questions about a grant seeking strategy, how to get your board to play in the sandbox with you, or how to position your organization. Or, you may be starting to feel burned out and need some support in balancing it all and staying sane. I’ve been through all of those and would love to pass along what I’ve learned to make your life and career easier.

A smaller catch: If you find the session valuable, I’d love to ask you for a testimonial for this page for folks who might question the whole concept.

If you’d like a session,  just select the date and time below and we’ll talk then.

All my best,


p.s.  You’re welcome to record your As Me Anything Session so that you can listen to it again later.

Just pick your time zone and it will show you open slots, you then pay via PayPal – and voila, you’re on my calendar and we’ll be talking soon. You’ll also receive a complimentary subscription to my e-newsletter if you’re not already on there. Looking forward to talking with you./p>