Grant Writing Services


Do you need to win large grants for your organization but just don’t have the time or peoplepower?

You are probably so focused on meeting the day-to-day demands of your business that you don’t have time to write grant proposals. It’s frustrating to see deadlines slip by and expansion opportunities disappear.

You wonder how you can compete when deadlines are getting shorter, funders more selective, and competition fiercer?

If you have some creative ideas but just don’t have the time to put those 100 page submissions together by the deadline then Grants Champion can help. We provide a breadth and depth of grants expertise that complements your professionalism to create award winning proposals.

Working with Grants Champion

  • Increases your efficiency by letting you focus on what you do best – manage worthwhile programs, business or research teams;
  • Brings a high level of grant writing expertise and experience to your team;
  • Offers a fresh perspective on your programs and projects;
  • Is an affordable alternative to hiring full-time grant writing staff.

Our Grant Writing Approach

Grant success can be broken down into four components:

  • 25% research so that you approach the right organization;
  • 25% project design;
  • 25% personal contact with the grant maker; and
  • 25% superior proposal writing.

Grants Champion creatively address all four elements so that you succeed in funding important projects. I also offer proposal review and mentoring services.


Creating a well-written proposal that carefully addresses a grant maker’s priorities is time-consuming. Therefore, it is important that you target only funders who are likely to sponsor the project.

We use a variety of high-quality databases and internet resources to create a detailed, prioritized list of potential federal, state, and private funders for your project. I also carefully analyze State and Federal Request for Proposals (RFPs) to gauge the degree of match between your project and the funding agency’s goals.

Project Design

Funded proposals are well-designed projects. Grant makers are attracted to certain key components and types of projects. We work with you to refine your project design so that it meets both the funder’s need for clarity and innovation and your organizational needs once you implement the project.

Personal Contact

The old adage that ‘people fund people not projects’ is based in truth. It is vital that you establish contact with funding agencies prior to proposal submission.

Opening up the channels of communication allows you to understand each other’s priorities and intents at an early stage. This gives you the chance to modify your project based on the funder’s priorities or decide to look for alternative funding options before the grant writing process begins.

We highly recommend that key personnel in your organization form these valuable relationships. However, if this is not feasible, we will make contact with funding agencies and foundations on your behalf.

Superior Writing

The process of compiling, writing and editing a fluid and persuasive proposal entails several steps.

First, we meet to discuss the project’s parameters and the best way to present it to funders. Our experience allows me to cut to the quick and ask the right questions to garner the information that I need.

Second, we review your existing literature and marketing materials and identify what pieces of information need to be developed to meet the grant-maker’s guidelines. If necessary, we conduct research to provide data on client demographics, the state of the field, and competing programs.

Third, we write a draft proposal with clear measurable goals and objectives and a sound evaluation plan. Jane Hexter has strong experience in developing detailed federal budgets, properly prepared justifications and accompanying documentation.

Fourth, we review the draft with you before finalizing and proof-reading the final product for signature. We prepare the grant using experience and communication skills to create the best product, but you maintain full rights to edit and resubmit the proposal to other sources.

Your time is precious. Our goal is make the grant submission process as painless as possible for you while still ensuring that the proposal comprehensively and precisely addresses the grant maker’s priorities. Experience shows that the most effective approach is to work together as a team, with me providing focus, direction and grant writing expertise and you providing input as necessary.

You can expect the following from Grants Champion

Professionalism and Compassion: We are committed to helping others by sharing our knowledge and experience to create worthwhile programs that change lives. We always keep our eyes on your clients to ensure that we create proposals that meet both your organization’s and your clients’ needs.

Ability to Learn Quickly: We quickly assimilate information about your organization and its programs. Our singular focus on grant funding allows us to concentrate on the essential information and not be distracted by extraneous details.

Organization and Humor: We are efficient. We keep projects on track and submit proposals on time while maintaining a healthy sense of humor during those dark, pre-deadline hours.

Work Independently: Your proposal will be successfully completed with minimal direction from you. For projects that are in their infancy, we are happy to actively work with your team to brainstorm and fully develop the concept.

Strong Research and Communication Skills: As a Phi Beta Kappa Cornell graduate Jane Hexter’s academic background is in the social sciences. She also has experience in the human services field.

Most importantly, Jane Hexter loves her work. Her enthusiasm and commitment to bringing worthwhile programs to life is reflected in her success as a grants consultant.

Other Services

Proposal Editing and Review

If you have written a grant proposal and want it evaluated by a third party, We can review it, proof read it, and make sure that it matches the Request for Proposal and funding guidelines. We will score the proposal, identify weaknesses and make suggestions to improve your proposal’s style and impact.


Are you new to grant writing and would like to turn to a seasoned professional for advice? We enjoy helping people learn new skills and gain the confidence to write and submit winning proposals. Jane provides coaching via telephone during bi-weekly and monthly calls. During the calls we focus on ensuring that you move at an appropriate pace so that you can reach your goals. Topics are determined by your needs and might include; reviewing proposal drafts, discussing your progress, preparing for upcoming visits by funders, and discussing the fit between a potential funding pool and your organization.