Intuitive Insights

Jana is like a career coach with a connection to the divine or the universe. For someone who works for a nonprofit, school district or government agency, she could help because she knows how those organizations work and she can also tap into the spirit world and may have amazing intuitive insights into the specifics of your situation (your coworkers, the workplace dynamic and politics, etc.) She is a trustworthy intuitive professional who you can safely share your deepest feelings and questions with. If you feel guided to work with Jana, I highly recommend working with her.

Esther J.

Do you feel like you or your organization are at crossroads? Or maybe your soul is softly calling or demanding that you change course?


Are you grappling with the question “But if I let go of my old life then who am I and what will I do?” For most of us, our old way of succeeding in the world stops working for us before a new way forward clearly emerges.

And, if you or your organization is starting a new phase you’re probably wondering “How do I get clear on my/our future vision so that what I/we do now is a pathway to new beginnings rather leading to a dead end?”

I know how disorientating it can be because I’ve gone through years of grappling with these soul searching questions.

I’ve come out the other side feeling free to share with you that I am an intuitive with the capacity to connect with the ethereal realm and those who have passed on. I’m particularly gifted at helping people who’ve come to a crossroads in life – in career, family, relationship, or health…and between this life and the next.

We both know that when you do something that you love you naturally want to excel at it. The world is reaching a tipping point in so many ways and calling us all to live our one precious life doing what we came here to do — healing the world doing something we love. If this rings true with you, but something is holding you back or you’re not clear in which direction to go, it would be my honor to work with you.

I’ll walk with you on your journey and use my intuitive skills to clear blocks that are in your way and access eternal guidance until you’re on your new path guided by your inner wisdom and living your birthright — a fulfilling, joyful life aligned with your heart.

People I’ve worked with have told me the that they’ve received:
  • Peace of mind and a sense of calm
  • Clarity about your direction – and the ability to start on a new life or career path knowing that it’s right for you
  • The comfort of being seen at the deepest level – getting present to parts of yourself you’d forgotten, ignored, or invalidated
  • Knowing why you are here and what you have to offer the world – stop wasting time on things that don’t fit
  • Validation of your own intuitive feelings about your life’s path so that you walk it with confidence

I also offer readings for organizations that are at a crossroads and need guidance about the best route forward.

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It was incredibly helpful to have Jana channel questions around the organization I founded, specifically about my role in its growth and success and how that responsibility affected my personal well being. I was able to gain much more clarity in navigating big decisions ahead of me, and – rather than compartmentalizing – understand how my work fits into my life. Jana’s session gave me the strength to move forward and emerge with a perspective that I had buried in my heart, under menial and seemingly uninteresting management details. She helped me see the bigger picture – and it was certainly big and bright! Emma F., New York

I was torn apart from the death of my dear friend from a tragic fight with cancer. In meeting with Jana via a phone call, I was given the beloved gift of peace with her powerful connection to him. She shared with me information about him that was so intimate and special between us that I knew her channeling was pure and powerfully connected to another realm of consciousness. She not only allowed me to “be” with my dear friend, but she shared very powerful and profound advice that he had for me. She also helped me connect with some blockages I had with my own path in this lifetime and what I needed to know to define my journey.

I was speechless for hours after our session. It was one of the most moving and incredible experiences I have ever had when balancing between current reality of my life and the grand energy of the Universe. I will use Jana again and again to be my guide throughout my lifetime to connect me with not only those that guide me from above but to help me understand the wisdom that my soul has for me to use in my daily life.

Mia P O, Costa Mesa, CA

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