The GrantsChampion Pledge

I believe that grant writing is a form of sacred service. I help social visionaries and powerful women who want to win grant funding and unleash their full potential. You can live the life you came here to lead and bring beauty and healing to the world … with joy, ease, and a full heart.

Angela won a $100,000 grant for her 4-H program
after taking our workshop.

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“What really intrigued me before I took the grant writing workshop with Jane is that she had really been successful in grant writing herself. So, this wasn’t a person who is just writing from theory but someone who knows what they are doing.

I also knew that the class was long enough that I would be able to work on the skills on that I needed and be disciplined and focused.

So, I took her class and was not at all disappointed. Jane has a wonderful teaching style. She made the activities very doable and there was variety and opportunity to ask questions. It wasn’t just lecture only.

I really did find that the skills were there at the end of the class. My time was well invested because when I got the opportunity to submit a proposal I had all the pieces put together. So, the tight turnaround to meet the deadline was not a problem for me because I had done the work in advance.”

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